Humans Take Note: Start Learning Again, AI is Coming Fast

Sunday morning, April 2, 2023

In the last few months I’ve been trying to read 3-5 books every month- it is a difficult undertaking in case you’re interested.  I have to work for it each time I open a book to actively read and that’s if I’m able to carve out the unfettered time to do so!

At the same time I’m trying to keep up with the current news on the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and I’m feeling awash in déjà vu as I process the fact that it’s coming faster than we can comprehend.

In the early aughts, I recall writing an essay about nanotechnology and how its prevalence in our society was not registered as it was so small.  Today nanotechnology is all around us (and dare I say “in” us) and most of us hardly ever think about it.

With AI, the learning curve is so quick for the systems that are cranking away like ChatGPT that we are not understanding how it is already infiltrating our human experience. As a teacher and writer, I’ve not delved into this world for my daily applications but have had conversations with friends and colleagues who have and it’s truly a whole new world experience our society is entering.

In this past week alone, there have been conflicting reports by “experts” and big business magnates speaking out on the progress of AI and includes caution on how quickly this ever-learning technology is advancing to the admonishment that there is “fear-mongering” going on

Here’s my blog short message for today:

Dear fellow humans,

Please start learning again and try it every single day with your mind no matter how busy your life is today.  In my humble human opinion, the best way to adapt to this fast-developing world around us is to never stop learning through reading, experimenting and interacting with each other and our physical world around us.


P.S. Some book reviews coming soon from my February and March reading lists…

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