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Friday, May 16, 2008

Republicans’ demise: McCain’s thornIn the wake of the back-and-forth rhetoric this week concerning President Bush’s words at Israel’s 60th Anniversary celebration, rebuttal from Senator Obama and Senator McCain’s input…what a sad state Republicans are in now.

President Bush is a poisionous substance for Senator McCain’s Presidential run, especially in the face of someone like Senator Obama- he who the liberal media has already accepted as their future POTUS.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama’s Contradiction, Wright’s Wrongs…I’m not even waiting for Obama to finish his press conference as of 2:15pm today because already I can see he is completely slipping down the slope of political despair.

It seems the final blow of ex-Pastor Wright’s wrongs have come to roost in Obama’s campaign.

He is trying to rip into the Pastor and at the same time try to justify who Pastor Wright is and legitimize his attendance at this church and self-professed subscription to Pastor Wright’s theories as his spiritual guide, or “uncle” what have you.

Unfortunately, Obama’s Marxist/liberation theology beliefs have been revealed under the sheep’s clothing of Christianity and now what could have been a hopeful Presidential campaign, is now a bitter waste of racial divide as well as insulting parody unfolding as the press continues to ask Obama more questions—leading the man to his political demise.

And by the way, the excuse of “press soundbites” is old and Americans are not so ignorant as to not see through that poor scapegoat (professed by both Obama and Pastor Wright).

P.S. “White America” does NOT exist. Last time I checked we are made of many races, cultures, religions and many other people who came from oppression more recently than those descended from the African slave trade. How ignorant to think that it is only Africans who have suffered slavery, occupation, rape, genocide, et cetera. Shame on you Obama and Pastor Wright.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama is a MarxistGreat post-Obama race speech article:


I was personally offended by the speech yesterday as I come from an immigrant family in Europe that had relatives as recent as the early 20th century in enslavement by a government entity. I am not black and don’t need the lecture on slavery since my family taught me the value of freedom and treating others equally.

This country offers freedom to all now and I don’t appreciate those who associate with the old “angry” thought stemming from the justifiable painful civil rights days. If I was to vote for Obama, it would be for him the man, the experience and what he has to offer our country–not his gender, race or speech-giving abilities.

Unfortunately, his speech yesterday only affirmed to me that he excuses being in an environment that his ‘former’ pastor breeded through his oratory. Personally, I have walked out of churches when a priest or pastor has crossed the divide from theology to hateful politics. Obama’s judgement to submit himself, his wife and children to that barrage is unfortunate and drives me to think of him as a great orator and motivational speaker but in no way ready to be a servant to United States of America as President.

Marxism is not the brand of politics we need in our country today, Obama’s mentor oozed of it and therefore is part of that which Obama “cannot disown”.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire: Obama and McCainIt never ceases to amaze me how rabid our American media has become in respect to our election process. I believe that this year will be exhausting for many vote weary Americans as they face early primaries and media coverage that follows the Presidential candidates’ every move, sneeze and sneer.

Hillary Clinton is shaking in her boots because of the media’s love affair for Obama and Democrat voters’ indecision. John McCain keeps going no matter that he’s lost the Presidential race before, as he fought for his life in POW camp, he continues the race even if Mitt Romney has oodles of cash on hand and an ego parallel to that of renowned Senator John Kerry.

Tonight the results will be studied and hashed out by headlines and questions tomorrow morning. May the best man/woman succeed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Democrats should also question Iran ReportNeedless to say, I am furious with the news of the newly released information regarding Iran’s nuclear weapon capability. I’m not sure what makes me more angry, the President’s terrible spin job or the fact that Democrats are taking this opportunity to stomp on President Bush’s reputation again. I propose that Democrats should also be upset about this report and demand more answers from our intelligence agencies. What’s the point of these agencies if everytime our executive branch acts out according to their secret information they are proven wrong, dead wrong later?

Since I am still riding the passion of the headlines and the brief news conference clips, I need to research further and examine more closely this report for any gaps or confusion. Moreover, I urge Democrats to remember that we are all Americans and need to look out for American interests and better intelligence. Beating up on the President in the political playground is simply juvenile and downright dangerous when other nations are just drooling at the thought of our nation imploding and losing power in the world both economically and in military defenses.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Resurrection of the BlogJust a short posting to announce that I’m back!

After what seems like years, but only months in reality, I have finally come to the end of my road in government work and will once again be able to freely discourse on cyberspace to friends and fellow humans alike.

More soon…

Friday, February 2, 2007

2008 Race Overkill: Chavez’s Power OverextendsLeave it to our news pundits to be utterly obsessed with the next presidential race.

Already, the Democratic party is beginning to quarrel with each other over who is the most likely candidate and Republicans are still licking their wounds from the 2006 election cycle.

Meanwhile, the biggest news earlier this week should be the news of Chavez being given official dictatorship powers in Venezuela and what that means for our hemisphere both economically and security-wise.

However, we have the New York Times pondering whether former President Bill Clinton will “behave” himself should Senator Hillary Clinton become the first woman President.

I don’t know about other women, but I feel it would be a sad concession to propel one of the most dysfunctional marriages back into the power limelight of our nation. If they (Bill and Hillary Clinton) couldn’t keep their dirty laundry intact, how should we trust them again with serious national and international issues?

This may sound archaic and I certainly expect people to disagree with me, which is fine of course, but numerous proverbs in the East and West religions have always pointed to how a person conducts him/herself in their personal lives will often translate into what their public life produces.

Again, I just wish we could duke and debate about our current issues rather than speculate every single day about who is going to be better as our next President. We will have ample time for that during the official campaign season–but then again, perhaps some of our citizens need to be fed who the media thinks should be President rather than researching these individuals for themselves.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Don’t Underestimate”The democratic talking points for those in Senator Clinton’s court must be “don’t underestimate”.

The only problem is that these two words continue to be used to argue that Hillary should not be underestimated as a serious candidate for president in 2008.

While I believe she is certainly a formidable candidate and capable of such an office, I also think that we must all remember that we shouldn’t underestimate the average American voter either.

If short term memory serves us correctly, the 2006 election cycle proved that when pushed over the edge, most swing voters will turn on a dime and surprise even those who really meant well in their districts, such as former Congressman Jim Ryun of Kansas who lost his election in the shocking aftermath of Election day 2006.

Don’t underestimate the spent patience of Americans when it comes to the “dynasty” mentality that our politics have been suffering of late. We are barely out of the woods of being under the Bush dynasty, how do you think we can even attempt to endure that of a Clinton dynasty–and trust our first woman President to be a Clinton no less? 

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State Of The Union Address HangoverReflections Since 2000

Another SOTU has come and gone, the consensus is that many republicans went into this one weary and many democrats had already made up their minds prior to the President’s speech.

I watched the address twice thanks to Fox News Channel who showed it again in the same night (helpful for souls like me without the beloved TiVo).

President Bush was gracious and he was steadfast. Now those who disagree with him admit that he did right by the Madame Speaker Pelosi, but they call him a fool for sticking to the same ideas–especially in regards to Iraq.

What angers me about this constant barrage by naysayers is that they expect to be bowed down to each and every time there is a disagreement on policy. I just don’t know what anti-Iraq people want anymore. Do they really think that pulling out of Iraq or Afghanistan is really going to help our global image. Heck, many nations and tribal leaders as we debate could care less about whether we are in Iraq or not–their biggest obsessions are how can they exploit us or destroy us economically.

The US dollar continues to struggle in the global market exchanges. No surprise to me when we are so busy eating our Executive branch away like depraved cannibalistic tribes.

Do I think the Bush administration has made all the right choices? OF COURSE NOT. But neither has any other administration since the birth of our nation. The expectation that this administration should just halt itself completely and hand over the reins to another political party is nonsense.

The reality is, as I reflect on the speech last night, that Bush never had a fighting chance as our President in this nation. He was hated before he was sworn in. Mr. Gore harmed us more than even the disgraced Nixon decades ago, because he couldn’t just concede and abide by our Constitution. Instead, our Supreme Court had to get involved and once again we looked like blubbering fools in the global stage. What a great time to strike, when we are most weak and decisive.

That’s why I pray everyday that we continue to make head way into this War On Terror, because whether or not folks want to believe it–we are under attack and most weak when we trash our own government beyond just disagreements and healthy debates.

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