Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Wow

This is new ground for Republicans and a scary prospect for Democrats.  The race for the American presidency this year could actually come down to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

I’m one of the millions of Americans whose everyday life is full of activity that helps sustain children under me and my spouse’s care.  Hours of cleaning, feeding and cleaning again. Driving to and from schools, activities, grocery stores, banks and all the other endless errands that occupy the time between the moment my tired eyes open to the sound of a child waking to closing my eyes with a sigh of regret for all the things I couldn’t get done before sleep overtook me.

It is a reality that although we have the technology available to conduct research on candidates for voting purposes most citizens will still rely on sound bites and social media feeds.

Fasten your proverbial seatbelts, this is going to be an election season for the history books as an indication of how the combination of Americans’ increasingly frenzied lifestyles and the world at their swiping fingertips has really changed the way politics change governmental policies and power seats.


a busy wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend,




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