My Birthday Trumps All: GOP Debate Redux


“United States of Entertainment” is what Bernie Goldberg calls our nation when it comes to how most mainstream media reacts to much of Mr. Donald Trump’s movements or quotes.  It could also be argued that we have already elected our first “American Idol” president when Barack Obama became the President of the United States.

Tonight is my birthday and it’s fitting for my personality to have the GOP presidential debate as something to watch this evening.  It’s my kind of entertainment and from the beginning of the debate Mr. Trump was already mentioned in the opening question to the candidates.  The hilarious irony is that despite his absence on the stage–his presence was still felt. I would agree with Charles Krauthammer’s opinion that a result of Mr. Trump’s absence in this debate resulted in almost none of the name-calling and put-downs.

Syria: I’m glad that some of the candidates brought up the ISIS/ISL issue in conjunction with Syria. Unfortunately by actively ignoring what Assad is doing in Syria has affected the growth of ISIS/ISL. Some background reading:

Veterans Affairs Administration: I do agree with those that noted we should just turn over choice to our nation’s veterans. No one said it but I’m happy to say that the VA is very much like the Social Security system and should just be flat-out eliminated.  Military veterans should have medicals coverage wherever they decide to go for their care.

Bush versus Rubio was interesting when it came to the issue of immigration especially given the history of both men personally and politically.

The one consensus point of most of the candidates was that they respectively felt that they could beat Hilary Rodham Clinton.  It was an overdue sense of unity for the GOP in this presidental debate.

Ted Cruz did not thrive at this debate, in fact he showed his weaknesses in getting flustered by some of the questions of the debate.

Jeb Bush may have a good record to be a presidential candidate but his name is wrong at this season.

Kasich at least avoided his “karate chop” movements while answering questions but he also seemed annoyed with the fact that people are not catching on to his campaign.

Rand Paul: I honestly enjoyed his philosophical rhetoric, he is a great tuning instrument for the other candidates.

Gov. Chris Christie: With every answer he gave I kept thinking “The law is the LAW”.

Ben Carson: It was a good run but I think it’s ending soon.

Happy birthday to me. I got to watch a Trump-less debate at least once in this election cycle and it helps me to start having hope that we can have some healthy conversations about who should be our next POTUS, Republican or Democrat.

Hats off to Iowans as they ready for their caucuses, this should be interesting…







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