Florida, Trump and the moment of truth…

A Sleepy Homemaker’s Take:

The GOP debate at University of Miami earlier this evening on CNN was a refreshing change in tone from the latest character attack antics we’ve seen–especially between Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz with Donald J. Trump in last month’s debate in South Carolina.

Mr. Trump rightfully had a more relaxed air about him as his numbers favor a victory over his Republican counterparts in the Florida primary come Tuesday, March 15th.

Senator Rubio is very talented but it’s clear already that there’s not sufficient backing for him to clinch Florida at the very least or even come second at the very best. I keep hearing from colleagues and reading columnists that say he needs to bow out to help make this a cleaner two-man race.

Governor Kasich seemed a bit impatient, not that anyone can blame him. He does come to the stage each time with the most experience working in the “system” of local, state and federal government. Unfortunately the collective media and seemingly voting public don’t acknowledge him as a real POTUS contender. Running mate/V.P. candidate? Perhaps.

Senator Cruz is positioning himself to be the contender against Trump. I am too biased to reflect on Cruz simply because it’s difficult for me to listen to him in general. There are those who do listen to him and are supporting him–all are entitled of course to his/her own opinion which is a great freedom available in our nation.

Mr. Trump may have softened his tone in some rhetoric, namely the immigration/work visas, but he didn’t completely water down his stance when it came to the question of Islam or what he thought about muslims in the world.  While it could be said that he “changed” his behavior or strong condemnations, he was not any different from the resolute businessman that we’ve seen before in these debates.

I’m a native Floridian and I grew up hearing the name Donald J. Trump. In fact, I lived across “the island” in West Palm Beach.  There are many like me who are voting now (early voting) and leading up to our primary this Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what the final numbers turn out to be but my layman’s gut tells me Mr. Trump will win.

At the end of it all, however, whomever is elected President of the United States this upcoming November–either Democrat or Republican–I do believe America as a whole will move on and keep striving to be a nation committed to our principles and hopefully treating each other with more kindness as most folks are working hard to support themselves and their families. Anger and hysteria on either sides of the political aisle will not help heal and unite.

Says a mother of three that tries every day to teach her children how to play fair so that they can work well with others one day as adults in the world,








Mr. Donald J. Trump: Self-Made American Brand and Unintentional Manchurian Candidate

Post-CNN GOP Presidential debate before Super Tuesday Redux: 11:52 p.m.

Note: I’m a CEO of the Home (domestic goddess or the antiquated “homemaker”) here in South Florida at the Bean household with husband, children and grandparents asleep and am afforded some strength to write tonight.  

I can easily agree that earlier tonight we saw Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz really come alive during the questions and getting into it with Mr. Donald J. Trump.  But for lack of a more original assessment, too little too late. The brand has been seared into the psyche of most tired Americans–regardless of political affiliations.

Here’s what you cannot disagree with when it comes to Mr. Donald J. Trump: he makes headlines, he has children loyal to him and vice versa, it may seem he stumbles but he doesn’t fall, he might even be quoted with foul language and harsh words but in the end he makes the deal happen and even if he technically didn’t make the deal happen he is able to put the verbal stamp of approval by Trump himself.  In essence, he is a smart man and though he may use simple words and repetitive phrases, most Americans are able to process this in a positive manner.

Simply put: The American political system, namely both Democrats and Republicans, have brought this opportunity to capture the GOP presidential nomination for Mr. Donald J. Trump by a collective ignorance of how most Americans are faring when it comes to their relationship with the government, especially the federal system (let alone their local municipalities).

John Kasich: He still has a place in the federal government, I believe he should be a Vice President nod or Secretary of State.

Ben Carson: Surgeon General? Please step down sir, it is time, but thank you for the gentleman fight.

For those family, friends and political colleagues of mine that are still not understanding how we are on this road now with Mr. Donald J. Trump: I am a native Floridian, I grew up in West Palm Beach and remember his name at an early age and both the ire and desire that it drew from folks irregardless their political or social background.

Despite the way people may feel about him, he is consistent in his manner and although he may seem like an unlikely choice for President of the United States, I ask you to look back at the last several cycles and ask yourself what is the “right” choice for this job? Our country is young and yet we’ve been blessed with incredible technological advances and also  weathered some terrible social regressions (think domestic terrorism, chronic racism debates, lack of personal responsibility).  Extreme islamic terrorism has come to our land and global neighbors abroad. Our domestic markets have taken hits and the generations following the “Baby Boomers” have names with letters at the end of our alphabet, just like the money that runs out for most of them each month.

Stay tuned America, especially you who like your brand names and your repetitive pop and R&B song refrains: will the 2016 winner of the presidential race bring us a spouse of a dynasty, an America brand businessman or a senator that has little support in general? Recall that our country is struggling with its own form of “bankruptcy” in its extreme debt.

Ramona V.S. Bean

P.S. To the question as to “where are the donors’ or Super PAC’s (sp) voices about Trump: They are not stupid. They are gauging where this is going and they don’t want to be on Trump’s bad side, he does not easily forget.




Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Wow

This is new ground for Republicans and a scary prospect for Democrats.  The race for the American presidency this year could actually come down to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

I’m one of the millions of Americans whose everyday life is full of activity that helps sustain children under me and my spouse’s care.  Hours of cleaning, feeding and cleaning again. Driving to and from schools, activities, grocery stores, banks and all the other endless errands that occupy the time between the moment my tired eyes open to the sound of a child waking to closing my eyes with a sigh of regret for all the things I couldn’t get done before sleep overtook me.

It is a reality that although we have the technology available to conduct research on candidates for voting purposes most citizens will still rely on sound bites and social media feeds.

Fasten your proverbial seatbelts, this is going to be an election season for the history books as an indication of how the combination of Americans’ increasingly frenzied lifestyles and the world at their swiping fingertips has really changed the way politics change governmental policies and power seats.


a busy wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend,




My Birthday Trumps All: GOP Debate Redux


“United States of Entertainment” is what Bernie Goldberg calls our nation when it comes to how most mainstream media reacts to much of Mr. Donald Trump’s movements or quotes.  It could also be argued that we have already elected our first “American Idol” president when Barack Obama became the President of the United States.

Tonight is my birthday and it’s fitting for my personality to have the GOP presidential debate as something to watch this evening.  It’s my kind of entertainment and from the beginning of the debate Mr. Trump was already mentioned in the opening question to the candidates.  The hilarious irony is that despite his absence on the stage–his presence was still felt. I would agree with Charles Krauthammer’s opinion that a result of Mr. Trump’s absence in this debate resulted in almost none of the name-calling and put-downs.

Syria: I’m glad that some of the candidates brought up the ISIS/ISL issue in conjunction with Syria. Unfortunately by actively ignoring what Assad is doing in Syria has affected the growth of ISIS/ISL. Some background reading: https://newrepublic.com/article/115993/bashar-al-assad-profile-syrias-mass-murderer

Veterans Affairs Administration: I do agree with those that noted we should just turn over choice to our nation’s veterans. No one said it but I’m happy to say that the VA is very much like the Social Security system and should just be flat-out eliminated.  Military veterans should have medicals coverage wherever they decide to go for their care.

Bush versus Rubio was interesting when it came to the issue of immigration especially given the history of both men personally and politically.

The one consensus point of most of the candidates was that they respectively felt that they could beat Hilary Rodham Clinton.  It was an overdue sense of unity for the GOP in this presidental debate.

Ted Cruz did not thrive at this debate, in fact he showed his weaknesses in getting flustered by some of the questions of the debate.

Jeb Bush may have a good record to be a presidential candidate but his name is wrong at this season.

Kasich at least avoided his “karate chop” movements while answering questions but he also seemed annoyed with the fact that people are not catching on to his campaign.

Rand Paul: I honestly enjoyed his philosophical rhetoric, he is a great tuning instrument for the other candidates.

Gov. Chris Christie: With every answer he gave I kept thinking “The law is the LAW”.

Ben Carson: It was a good run but I think it’s ending soon.

Happy birthday to me. I got to watch a Trump-less debate at least once in this election cycle and it helps me to start having hope that we can have some healthy conversations about who should be our next POTUS, Republican or Democrat.

Hats off to Iowans as they ready for their caucuses, this should be interesting…







2020 Forecast: Tin Depletion, Tiaras and Tarnished Touchscreens


Have you noticed that your days are flying by quickly? It will be 2020 one day and what will that year be like for those of us living?

Rin Tin Tin

My humble yeoman’s guess is tin will be depleted in the global supply and hopefully the companies producing touch screens will have found an alternative that is both lucrative and practical.  It has been embarrassing that our U.S. journalism media outlets have not made more of a stink of the “blood diamond” type of material tin really is.  Everyone is so addicted to “swiping” and pushing these devices to their energy-draining babies and children that we’ve remained blissfully ignorant of how there are other humans dying and suffering to mine this resource that will one day be exhausted.     It will be an involuntary humanitarian success if we can literally clean our hands of where and how that tin material came about.

For your own research I have provided the following links via a google search:

The Princess Bubble

The years before September 11, 2001 had their burst bubbles like the “dot.com bubble” and in following years like the “mortgage bubble” and so forth.  I believe 2020 will bring about a whole new bursting that will make the millennial’s coming-of-age seem like a spa day.

In an endearing effort to help cushion our children from the horrific realities of fanatics, terrorists and frankly mentally ill people who take others lives and properties without remorse–we enjoying playing and paying into the princess factor (and most recently Star Wars fever) and our only dialogue with our children can become a nonstop obsession into those fairy tales of doting on the princess, et cetera.

Let me be clear that I don’t think it’s wrong to let our children have these fun roles to play and toys as such.  I would be a hypocrite myself as my husband and I discern how far to take child entertainment with our own progenies.  It becomes a disservice, however, when our children become teenagers and we’re not talking to them about real life.  Just trying to secure them a good college education, distinguish a career path and “keep them out of trouble” is not going to cut it.

In 2020 many “princesses” will come of age and look around the world and realize that their daydreams went a little too far like “Alice in Wonderland” when growing up.  Disillusionment may set in and it could take them some troublesome years through their twenties trying to figure out how they should operate in the 2020 world of political disarray, wars of a cyber-kind and no way to “let it go”.

Tarnished Touchscreens

Every time I hear “a recent study shows that…” I realize that we all are living subjects of the next “study” to be done in future years.

  • Studies will show that children growing up with too much touchscreen time will have an even greater level of impatience than the guy trying to side-swap you today when merging onto the interstate.
  • Studies will show that overuse of touchscreens helped in human de-evolution when it comes to reading certain social cues in people’s facial expressions, voice tone and body language in general.
  • Studies will show that we had no idea how much radiation was too much or too little when interacting with these touchscreens.
  • Studies will show that many adults recall their early emotional memories (either positive or traumatic) involve some dark rectangular object with a piece of an apple being bitten out in a shiny circle.
  • Studies will show that many children assume that the clouds in the sky really do hold their family photos and verbal vomit of their strung-out parents.

5 More Years

Is there anything to be done about the next five years? Without hitting the mid-century mark in my age group, I’ve learned that it is much easier to tackle major projects with minor changes–albeit diligent ones. Here’s a few ideas that would help evoke healthy progress for our human population if applied en masse:

  1. Forget about resolving the “climate change” debate. It’s happening, it’s been happening since before we had the history or ability to track the weather data. I’m over the arguing about it just like when you hear two toddlers going at it over a simple toy.  What we need to do are the little things to help make the big changes come to fruition:
  2. Minimize. I’m not talking about your “Microsoft windows”. We must try to minimize our “stuff”. It can reduce stress, waste and budget expense. When we see trash outside, pick it up! When dealing with our own household garbage, let’s do it responsibly (reduce, re-use, recycle).  Try to change the producer-consumer balance.  How embarrassing will it be when the future historians write that during the times we fought about whether or not humans were affecting the earth’s environment adversely our consumer product companies continued to come up with new convenient and wasteful items like K-cups and baby food squeezes (full disclosure: I am guilty of being the consumer gobbling up these very products and I am not proud of it).
  3. Hope. May we still have hope that we will figure out how to love God/Creator/Creation and each other regardless of what year we’re living in.



Psychology 101: Interesting Times Ahead in a Post-Social Media World, Part 1

This is a touchy subject. It is a new subject.  How do we conduct ourselves in an increasingly social media oriented world? More specifically, how do we conduct our children’s lives in this place of 24/7 updates with a false sense of cyber security (please remember, nothing is beyond the reach of hackers on the world-wide web)?

The way I see it, all psychology textbooks have been rendered out of date.  We are in new territory now with children coming of age in a time where their childhoods have been chronicled in varying detail from the cute photo updates to the less savory like specifying their latest growing pains snafu.

This is personal. So personal that none of us has a right to tell the other how to do this. We are doing it and the lessons from it are due to come in soon. Some adults will be largely unaffected by growing up with their lives an open digital scrapbook for others to see since most of their contemporaries have the same story.

Speaking of stories, some children will grow up to find out as they read back in old “feeds” that their childhood was quite idyllic with perhaps a splash of sarcastic satire.  Undoubtedly there will be some disillusioned as what they see is not what they feel when they render their upbringing.  There are countless combinations of emotions and overall psychological profiles that will emerge because of this new evolution of human behavior of “sharing” and “liking” in a digital cloud.

As a parent myself, I have carved out my own code of conduct in agreement with my husband regarding how we share our family online.  If I would dare to share unsolicited advice to other parents it would be to try to diversify your child’s historical record by not limiting it to your online social media service.  Try a handwritten journal to them throughout their growing years, ask them as they become more independent in their adolescence if they want their life chronicled online, et cetera.

While the anthropologists of the world may be very anxious about the recent discovery of bones in a South African cave and what it means for humans today, I would argue that the biggest discovery is yet to be unveiled in upcoming years in the psychological profiles of the post-millenial generation (either known as gen-edge or gen-z).



C-Section: How I Managed To Feed My Newborn

Note: This post is written as my youngest is almost 14 weeks old.  It will most likely have grammatical mistakes and be overall vague in descriptions but I feel it’s important to share what I experienced to help encourage any other mother who may be facing a c-section that wants to succeed at breastfeeding in the aftermath.

February 2015

It became clear to me by early February that my third full-term pregnancy was not going to be a natural, vaginal delivery as I had thought it would.  My denial of the situation was eroded by the fact that my abdomen was swelling with more water than is normal.  The baby was in breech, my womb is bicornuate (essentially heart-shaped), there was scar tissue further holding the baby’s head and I now was diagnosed with hydroaminos.  I had pre-term contractions that were becoming stronger and threatening the baby’s heart rate at times–the risk became great that spontaneous labor onset could jeopardize life.

Google Check: Feeding Newborn After Cesarean

Once my doctors had arranged for the c-section date, I began to search the internet for articles and any social messaging concerning breastfeeding after the surgical procedure.  Unfortunately most medical sites offered cold, technical facts that weaved a discouraging web: revelations like the mother may be too tired or in pain to feed right away, the drugs used may make baby too drowsy to feed and so on made me catch my breath with dread.  Thankfully other sites and messaging boards offered the hope that if the mother was determined in her will to feed her baby then she would rebound after surgery and be able to breastfeed accordingly.

Hospital Bag Check: Pack Liquids and Food

A close friend of mine assisted me in packing my bag for the hospital stay since I was looking at a longer tenure there than I was used to because of the surgery.  My advice to any mom who knows she is going in for a c-section is to pack a bag full of snacks (especially those with fiber) , bottled water of choice and liquids.  In addition, I packed mother’s tea (a.k.a. mother’s milk) and liquid herbs used for the promotion of lactation and easing of post-birth pain (check http://www.mountainmeadowherbs.com).

Get In The Game: Mental Mind-works

I had a wonderful nurse attending me the morning of my daughter’s birth who noticed when I had a moment about ten minutes before the time I was supposed be in the operating room.  As my heart began racing on the monitors and my eyes were welling up with tears, the nurse came up into my face and told me to think of this as my races (competitive runner). I had to get my mind into the game, she told me in so many words.  It was the last time I had anxiety, I willed myself to be calm and just do what I needed to do to get myself and my baby out alive.  You cannot control the type of birth you are having but you do control  what type of nurturing mother you will be afterwards–you must make your will determine to feed your child yourself.

Post-Cesaeran: Touch, Taste, Drink and Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

Once you are back in the recovery area after surgery have the nurses or your loved ones bring you the baby and get skin-on-skin contact with him or her.  Whether or not the baby latches on right away isn’t as important as it is to give the baby to try through its senses to get acquainted with its mother, namely you.

As for us mothers, after that first hour post-surgery passes you must try to make yourself drink lots of bottled water and mother milk tea.  After about 6 hours or so you can start some of the liquid herb drops in your water and start eating as you can or instructed by your physician.  I cannot stress the importance of having your own snacks as through the night most hospitals don’t have anything available but water, juice and crackers/pretzels.  I believe having bottled water is better than tap water at a hospital.

ASAP: Get Up and Move

As the nurses will assist and attest, those mothers who get up and moving after a c-section as early and often as possible will heal faster.  This doesn’t mean you are to strain yourself and render harm of course but it does mean you should not remain bedridden once they remove the catheter and such.

Pain: No Milk Gain

I found what balance worked for me in the c-section aftermath regarding pain-relief drugs.  In the first 24 hours I took the strong stuff but then weaned off to the booster ibuprofen and supplemented with my mother-friendly post-birth pain relief herbal drops in my water.  In the weeks afterwards I would take a strong pill maybe 2 or 3 times if I had a bad day–the goal was to not rely too much on drugs but also not to suffer in pain because that could affect milk coming in especially in the early days.

Relax: Fall In Love

In the end, mother does know best–just try your best to relax and get to know your little one through holding and such.  Your love for your baby will also help you provide what is needed.  In my case I was grateful for the blessing of hearing one of the nurses tell me that my daughter had spit up on her and other attendants helping to take her for a test. “Your milk came in!” she exclaimed to me as we went through the discharge papers.


Stress Less, Delegate One Dinner a Week: One Simple Way To Help Yourself and Your Child(ren)


The Setting

It’s November and already people are both excited and overwhelmed for the upcoming holidays that signify the end of the year quickly approaching. Halloween and our U.S. mid-term elections are over–how do we proceed without the added stress that these next several weeks can bring us?

The Silverware

For parents of children who are still living at home, I have a simple idea. Incorporate them into the household menu selection. I don’t mean ask them: “Do you want pizza or Publix rotisserie chicken?” As you might pick a day or days for a chore allocation, also pick a day out of the work/school week that your child is responsible for choosing the dinner menu.

The Menu

I suggest you pick up an age-appropriate cookbook or select some pre-fixe recipes in a binder for them to look through and decide. The next step would be assisting or enabling them to acquire whatever ingredients they need to make the dish for the family. Again, depending on their age, give them the tools and supervise as necessary in the prep stage and execution of the meal-making.

The Ingredients

To those that would quickly retort about time restraints and extracurriculars: there is a great invention called the Crock-Pot or other versions of slow-cooker tools like Cusinart’s multi-cook mechanism. Both your local library and bookstores carry great cookbooks for these kitchen tools as well as internet searches or mobile phone apps.

The Current Nutritional Value

From personal experience, I began my oldest child at 5 years old with this weekly ritual of delegating one dinner a week. Our household dinner table can range from 6-8 people a day depending on the family activity. This child now cycles through three different menus each week–my personal rule being that the same menu cannot be repeated two weeks in a row. I would be lying if I didn’t admit there have been colossal messes incurred, unsavory mistakes in cooking and times of exhaustion in repeating oneself. However, the positive effect and long-lasting education your child can receive by taking a responsible part in the home is priceless and less stress.


Some Cookbook Recommendations:

“Williams-Sonoma: Fun Food” by Stephanie Rosenbaum, Chuck Williams
“Best-Loved Slow Cooker Recipes” Louis Weber
“The Great Chicago-Style Pizza Cookbook” by Pasquale Bruno, Jr.
“Sugar-Free Toddlers” by Susan Watson

Mother’s Day: A Day Open for Interpretation

Note: I had to reblog this because I still feel the same and feel it important that all women understand they have a mother’s heart in them no matter whether they raise children themselves: a mother’s heart nurtures and helps others in unconditional ways, a woman’s gift to the world! Thank you all and happy mother’s day 2014! ~RVSB

CEO of the Home

Attention all women: Happy Mother’s Day! (belated as it was technically yesterday-wrote this just before midnight)

Several years ago I sat alone in a greek Orthodox church in Falls Church, Virginia listening to the priest deliver his homily message on a spring Mother’s Day.   Although I can’t recall his specific words, I do recall that he said they would be giving out a single stem flower afterwards to every girl and woman in the room after the church service–this interested me greatly as at the time I wasn’t a mother yet.  He explained that the purpose doing this wasn’t just to avoid any awkward questions as to who was a mother but to also honor the nurturing role that females play in our human society.

This morning I was crawling on my knees between pews and following a darting flash of golden hair and giggles as my youngest demonstrated his toddler skills in another greek Orthodox church…

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Seashell Philosophy by She: Part 8 in a Series


Diamond in the Rough Unexpected

Note: This is a blog short in a continuing series “Seashell Philosophy by She” of philosophical reflections during visits to the seashore…

Beautiful day.  The waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Juno Beach were full of season-changing strength yesterday as the sun warmed our skin comfortably in the cool breeze.

My children and I arrived at the ocean with leftovers from our Easter holiday the day before.  After a busy day we came to the beach with my personal intention of laying on the blanket and doing close to nothing while the kids played in the sand and ate to their heart’s content out of the cooler I’d packed.

One of my offspring suggested that we walk the stretch of shore down to the Juno Beach pier and back to the Loggerhead portion where we had camped.  What I thought might be a shell-picking expedition resulted in in nearly 10 pounds of trash that I picked up as we walked with a grocery plastic bag.

Thankfully by walking with children I was exposed to the enduring and forgiving quality of their imaginative skills despite the sad reality of the litter circumstances–I was simmering with anger inside as I encountered bottles, cans, cigarette butts and even toothbrushes amongst other items of refuse along an otherwise glittering blue dance of water and shimmering sand that gripped our feet and legs with longing for relaxation.

Admittedly, I was so consumed by my judgement and disdain for the nameless straw people in my mind that had the audacity to trash our beach that I only was partially listening to and subsequently nodding affirmatively at my son’s declarations over the various shells or shark teeth he was “finding” as we walked along.  Never mind that he was merely picking up sparse pieces of shell or rock shards that resembled whatever his thoughts could name.

Halfway down the shoreline to the pier we stopped to sit at a perch of sand where the tide had eroded a small cliff that rose in height from the water’s edge to my waist–most fun for little kids to run up and down as long as there’s no roped-off area preserving a sea turtle’s nesting site.  Absently-minded I announced to my son that you never know what treasure you can find when you stop for a moment to sift through the place you’re in as we put our hands into the steep rise to feel through any tiny shells or rocks.

Again, he kept chirping to me that he was finding shark teeth as I continued to nod and murmur “uh-huh” as I watched my other child dancing through the small dunes and plants therein behind us.  Then I felt a nudge on my left arm and looked down at my persistent little one as he showed me the finds moment-by-moment, one of them catching my eye as I instinctually grabbed it out of his hand and looked at it closely–a shiny, dark grey shark tooth smaller than a dime. Incredible!

I couldn’t believe it, he’d actually found a real shark tooth in a massive pile of sand with no outward signs of hope for such a find.  There were no shell beds like the kind that show up after the high tides leaving high possibilities of fun discoveries.  This was literally just the kind of sand formation that evidently on this day only had high yields of human garbage nestled along its grooves and flats.

The truly sobering hit though came when my son asked me why I hadn’t believed that he would actually find a shark tooth–also alluding that why had I not considered that his prior declarations were true as well.  Ah, parent finds herself caught in her own act of lying by omission of responding in gentle truth–but I was so excited over this amazing shark tooth he had pulled out of nothingness that I decided to focus on telling him that although his other finds certainly resembled shark teeth, this one truly was the real deal.

How many times do we dismiss the possibilities of finding precious items among the mundane and written-off places?  Sometimes the most life-changing or affecting moments transpire when we’re on the common path or going through the motions of mindless daily activity.  More often than not we also fail to recognize the person beside us for who and what they are because we’re too busy listening to our own thoughts on the matter.

In my tiny slice of the universe yesterday I learned a humbling lesson–where I thought there was no way we’d find a shark tooth even with my maternal advice coming out of my mouth about treasure finds, I didn’t actually believe it.  I was proved wrong and learned a few additional lessons that I’m happy to include in my Seashell Philosophy by She collection as I continue to add other blog shorts.

Enjoy the treasure hunt of life!