Humpty-Dumpty Vital Signs: How to put the GOP back together again…

Truth Time

“Saudi Arabia rejects seat on U.N. Security Council”

Sometimes the real news is the stuff found on page A11 of a humble local newspaper like the Palm Beach Post where an Associated Press article compiled by Edith M. Ledere and Aya Batrawy describes the unique tale of how a country like Saudi Arabia likes to outline how the United States has really lost its credibility on Friday when it refused the first-time offer of a two year term seat on the U.N. Security Council–a most coveted position for most nations, especially Arab ones. “The Saudis were displeased that the U.S. backed off threats of military strikes against Syria in response to its alleged use of chemical weapons.”

President Obama was quoted the day before (Thursday 10/17) as saying that the 16-day partial government shutdown was primarily the Republican’s fault and risked exposing the United States as a poor leader or in his words, the “shutdown hurt U.S. credibility as leader.

Tea Party Resurgence

Yesterday afternoon I’m driving north on Interstate I-95 in Palm Beach County and approach an overpass for Okeechobee Boulevard–there are signs and people and for a few seconds my eyes register what they’re seeing.  “Impeach Obama”, “Honk…Obamacare” It occurs to me that these folks might be delusional because there is a way we can work out of this lethargy or apathy when it comes to the government as it stands today: get involved and take personal responsibility!

Why Blame Senator Ted Cruz?

Senator Ted Cruz’s last name can easily conjure the image of the Santa Cruz surfing coast in California where a slip on the board can mean death of a surfer on the unforgiving rocks.  It seems this was a similar fate endured by Speaker John Boehner and the GOP this past week–but why do we have to believe that?

Perception is Peculiar

Here’s the reality: neither the Democrat or the Republican party are perfect, unified or fit to govern.  The two main parties in our nation actually need each other just like most of our electronic gadgets require the positive and negative charge in the batteries that power them.  Duality in physical nature as well as spiritual/theological exegesis all encompass the existence and general necessity of  having two different parts both entangle and empower the other.

I’m not proposing that we break up the GOP to make a new one.  I’m also not proposing that we annihilate the Democratic party–I have both friends and colleagues that I respect and care about who are Democrats and I know their heart is in the right place for our nation.  What I do believe Americans are sick of is the arguing about which party is right all of the time.  What’s wrong with trying to accept that both parties are trying to find what’s the right direction for our country?

For instance, did you know that Obamacare was really a regurgitated version of RomneyCare–it is “inherently a compromise because it is a health insurance reform law rather than an overhaul of the structure of our nation’s health-care system.” (see Jane Mansbridge’s ‘Obama already compromised big-time’,0,7930456.story)

Humpty-Dumpty GOP: Can It Be Put Together Again?

I do believe that if the Democrats can keep it together after recent years of hardships for our nation, the Republicans can as well.  The key is to stop focusing on what divides and instead focus on what unites the party.  What are the GOP’s priority issues? (hint: drop the gay marriage and abortion flagships)  After that’s established, then Republicans need to pick out what issues they think they can best work toward compromises with Democrats and others.  The United States really does have a great system in place when there is a balance between the two major parties–our political health will not be demonstrated in how well people stay within the party line, rather it will be how often both sides can show the ability to cross the line to find each other and help our nation progress.

God Bless America,

Ramona V.S.B.








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