Smiles and Greetings: Simple and Powerful


Soul Exchange: Smiles and Greetings

In an ongoing personal effort to fight the barrage of negativity that threatens to choke my mood on a daily basis, I’ve been trying out a couple of things of late including smiling more at others.  A great and somewhat safe way to do this is when I go on a walk or jog on any given morning with my children and come upon people and manage to say “Good Morning!” and smile.

I’ve found that there are a few ways people can respond…some enthusiastically respond in kind, some seem surprised and respond hesitantly as if they’re not sure the warm greeting was intended for them, some literally do not change their face and kind of look through me.  In the end I think it’s worth reaching out because it helps me to connect with other souls even if only for that split moment in time.

Ultimately even though we have social sites and hardware that helps us stay in touch with each other I feel we can be more isolated than ever in 2012 and we shouldn’t let that happen.  Whether or not we all get along with each other, we do need interaction with each other outside immediate family, lovers and friends.  It may not be easy but even the small and simple action of smiling and greeting each other can move the world into a better place overall.



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