The Dreaded “M” Word: Miscarriage

For friends and family who may read this post, I apologize that the news comes to you like this. For others that I do not know, I hope you can share this link with any loved ones you think may benefit from my cyber catharsis.

As indicated by my title, I have recently become acquainted with miscarriage.  My body began to miscarry last week at what would have been about 9 weeks gestation.

Oddly enough, I believe I already had physical symptoms and moments of intuition that were preparing me for the actual loss.  Still, I must acknowledge that encountering miscarriage on a personal level is unlike anything that books or old wives tales wax on about.

The truly wierd part was looking at the ultrasound images with my husband yesterday and seeing an empty gestational sac, it was pretty clear that something did not go right and there’s nothing I could have done differently.

For any of you ladies that have experienced miscarriages, there is unquestionable grief associated and the unfortunate physical ramifications that we must deal with.  That’s the part I never thought about, it’s not like miscarriage is clean and when it occurs you are back to normal in one day.  It’s a process that involves physical symptoms and hormone cocktails–lasting from several days to even several weeks for some women.

Needless to say, family and friends’ emotional support during a time of miscarriage is paramount and much appreciated (at least in my case, so thank you!).

There’s nothing much more to say except that by going through this part of the human experience I’m grateful that I can fall back on this time to hopefully help anyone in the future who may endure miscarriage.  Also, the mystery of the “M” word has been revealed in a raw fashion and there is an ironic relief in that mixed in with an undeniable sadness that only time and circumstance can help heal.


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