When It Isn’t Easy

When is it easy to be a parent? When is it easy to be a spouse? When is it easy to be a friend? When is it easy to be a sibling? When is it easy to be a son/daughter?

I think we all know the answer is close to hardly ever.

Most days I get along just fine and then there are those days when it simply isn’t easy at all.  Just like when you’re trying to get someone driving in a hurry at it seems that every intersection you come across stops you abruptly at a red light, so are those days that whatever your starring character role may be there are instances just batting you down.

Case in point: Today was Monday, usually not a good day for most customer service folks, happens to be the day I am trying to get some help.  In addition to trying to make important phone calls, I have my poor toddler son who is currently in the throes of an awful cold being quite needy.  That needy behavior trickles into him tripping and scrapping himself all over.  Later in the day, he reaches and get drenched in water and absolutely freaked out when the Britta pitcher falls on him from the counter.  I’m standing in that lake of water while dealing with hot oil and food on the stove top.  In short order, he proceed to take a #2 in his diaper.  Shortly after changing, he’s commenced another #2 unknown to me until I have to pick him up during a fit and notice the stench on himself and now me, we both have to change our shorts—-I could go on with this saga, but many of you already may know how this plot line runs.

Just know that I am with you all in this regard, when it isn’t easy I try to keep in mind that those I come in touch with on a daily basis may also be having one of those days.

I hope you have more blessed days than those when it isn’t easy and you feel beat up.


2 thoughts on “When It Isn’t Easy

  1. Ramona, you know I have those days! It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. There’s always the end of the day, when you sneak into your child’s room to kiss him one last time before you go to sleep yourself, and you see him lying in perfect peace. Then you know that whatever trials the day held, you both made it through and tomorrow will be better.

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