Capturing the Moment…Present to be Exact

Is this not the ever-constant battle for us human souls on this Earth?  How can we truly be empowered in the mystery of being joyful in the present moment?

No matter if you’re a parent or single without children, we all struggle with our individual obsessions with what has occurred in the past and what we hope to see in the future.  All the while, we procrastinate the potential of the present.  We are utterly paralyzed with our anxious aftermaths and our frantic desires for what lies ahead.

It suddenly struck me today as I randomly decided to follow my son onto the trampoline at a playground (as you may pick up in future posts, my little guy LOVES activity, thank God for playgrounds of all shapes and sizes).  So I approached him and begin to mimic his enthusiasm and physical  tenacity on this trampoline.  Would you believe I actually began to enjoy myself?  No longer was I just a mom, I was like a kid going bonkers on a trampoline and laughing with my joy of joys son T.A.

It was further confirmed to me that I had radically changed in that hour’s time as another boy, about 4 years old I’d venture, asked me if I’d play with him on a puzzle. “Does he think I work here?” I thought.  Then after I answered him that sure my “son and I” can help you work on a puzzle, he followed up with a speech-halting, “Where is your mommy?”  Turns out his grandmother was on the other end of the playground and somehow his young mind thought that I was either a kid or child worker of this playground….wow, I really must look like I’m having fun, and truth be told I was having a blast.

As I watched my son drink up the moments of pure, innocent fun running around, jumping and doing whatever fun activity this place offered, I wondered:  Why are we as parents always so weighed down?  Is it guilt?  Is it a feeling of inadequacy?  The euphoria I felt just playing with my child was so wonderful, I can look back on this day and know it was a success…even if I didn’t get to file my taxes yet or organize the sham of a bedroom my family resides in currently.

It is so important to try to focus on this very moment, even as you read my words, just remember, we are the most effective and the most alive in the present…the past in this earthen plane is already written and though the future may have its predictions, it is no guarantee…but nothing and no one can steal this moment from us, I hope you can capture it wherever you are at in your life.


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