Introductory Inclinations…

A Mom's Solitary Moment: Harvest Moon October 2009

My husband has once again acted the muse to my literary desires: I am attempting to relaunch a blog site via My intentions in this matter are part selfish and part wanting to share with others what a 21st century homemaker encounters and accomplishes.  There are so many complications and outright adventures to being what I personally regard as CEO of the Home.  

The epiphany moment to finally start posting to the blogosphere came just yesterday when I found myself facedown in a foam pit at Palm Beach Gardens’ A Latte Fun indoor playground with my son T.A .  I was straining to hear my lost cellphone’s ring with crazy kiddy music and dozens of children aged 6 years and younger squealing in the background.  Suddenly a little girl came down the slide and landed squarely on my neck, her mother simultaneously chiding her and asking me if I’m okay.   Still no phone to be found, I had to resign and wait until closing time when my dear husband made his way there to help the gracious employees empty half the pit to reveal my forlorn technology device linking me with the rest of the world as I know my friends and family.

I hope you can find laughter here.  Also, perhaps gather some pointers in the merchant business as you shop for yourself and others.  Find fun website links that I recommend as you plan things for you and your family or sharing with your loved ones who are also in the wonderful season of life that is ‘raising a family’.  This site is not meant to judge anyone especially if you are a parent who works multiple jobs…I already personally categorize being a parent as a full-time, on-call 24/7 career with no retirement package but the yielding of unconditional love that is priceless.  So if you work beyond that in an office, another field, et cetera, then I respect that even more than simply being CEO of the Home and I truly wish to be helpful with the information in this site as you are constantly pressed for time. 

As a Renaissance woman, I want to share my mini-discoveries and latest tidbits from my personal research that may assist parents in their own paths whether it be secular or spiritual.  Subjects ranging from what are good foods to feed your family to where is the best reading hour locally on the weekends.

Finally, I disclose the fact that I am a first generation Greek-American, proud University of Florida Gator Alumni and an Orthodox Christian with an open mind and heart.  

Thank you for your readership and patience as this site grows and evolves.  By all means, feel free to share the link to my site with anyone you think could benefit from and enjoy its contents.  As always, I am a writer that is open to constructive criticism or unsolicited advice.


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