Why Oppress by Suppressing?

Blocking, boosting

and suppressing.

Two years of fears,

and still suppressing.

Lack of smiles, so sadly,

we’re suppressing.

Inaccurate tests and why test,

to keep suppressing?

We tried to take a break,

with this suppressing.

The viruses don’t care, by connecting,

conquered suppressing.

When will we wake up?

Asleep, suppressing.

We fear death, stopped living, yet,

approved suppressing?

Slow suffocation of society,

accepted suppressing.

Our world churns with ingrown pains and chains,

all linked to suppressing.

Nature still wilds, can’t tame her variations,

despite this collective (damned) suppressing.

Decades from now, our descendants will wonder,

why did we endorse this suicidal suppressing?