Why Oppress by Suppressing?

Blocking, boosting

and suppressing.

Two years of fears,

and still suppressing.

Lack of smiles, so sadly,

we’re suppressing.

Inaccurate tests and why test,

to keep suppressing?

We tried to take a break,

with this suppressing.

The viruses don’t care, by connecting,

conquered suppressing.

When will we wake up?

Asleep, suppressing.

We fear death, stopped living, yet,

approved suppressing?

Slow suffocation of society,

accepted suppressing.

Our world churns with ingrown pains and chains,

all linked to suppressing.

Nature still wilds, can’t tame her variations,

despite this collective (damned) suppressing.

Decades from now, our descendants will wonder,

why did we endorse this suicidal suppressing?


A Poem Short: “Toddler Time Twice”

Toddler Time Twice

These toddler years are so fleeting,

little eyes big hearts retreating.

Clinging and needing hugs,

fleeing and spreading wings.

Put that iPhone down mama dear,

make sure you heed that little tear.

Before these years are gone,

their baby curls weighed down

by worries of the bigger years.

Hold close those little hands,

sweaty feet and sticky sweet

cheeks to kiss and caress.

That toddler is bittersweet,

unbridled energy that exhausts

with love so forgiving

for frazzled parents here

trying to survive these toddler years.



Poetry After Pause: A reflection often precedes a restart

Note:  To friends and family who are gracious enough to follow my blog site here at http://www.ceoofthehome.net , I apologize for the long absence since my last post a couple of months ago.  After being involved in a car accident in late July that spared the lives of my children and I…I have found the business of living life to be more important and even critical at times than writing or creating art by visual or written means.  However, I’m ready once again to openly share reflections, lessons and philosophical rants with the world again.

“A Few Moments”

A breath sweet,

peak retreat.

Touch of snow,

silence no foe.

Craving a pause,

refine my cause.

So much to do,

Ah, to take a few.